Who Is Richest Lady In India?

Who is the 10 richest person in India?

Here is the list of top 10 richest persons in India as per their latest Forbes data on July 22.Mukesh Ambani.

Shiv Nadar.

Radhakishan Damani & Family.

Gautam Adani.

Cyrus Poonawalla.

Uday Kotak.

Sunil Mittal & Family.

Lakshmi Mittal.More items…•.

Who is the richest person of Asia?

Mukesh AmbaniAsia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is now among the world’s 10 wealthiest people.

Who is the No 1 richest person in world?

World’s richest peopleJeff Bezos, $190bn. The former hedge fund manager turned online book seller started Amazon in his garage in 1994. … Bill Gates, $120bn. … Mark Zuckerberg, $100bn. … Bernard Arnault & family, $81.4bn. … Mukesh Ambani, $80.3bn. … Steve Ballmer, $77.7bn. … Warren Buffett, $77.5bn. … Larry Page, $71.6bn.More items…•

Who is the richest YouTuber in India?

We present a selection of the wealthiest YouTubers from India of 2020.Bhuvan Bam. Bhuvan Bam is an Indian comedian and YouTuber who was born in Gujarat. … Ashish Chanchlani. … Vidya Iyer. … Nisha Madhulika. … Sanam. … Gaurav Chaudhary. … Shruti Arjun Anand.

Who is the youngest Crorepati of world?

Ritesh AgarwalKey Highlights. New Delhi: At 25, most people are looking for jobs or if they are already working, they are looking for an appraisal or promotion. However, 25-year-old Ritesh Agarwal is a crorepati. At 25, Agarwal is the youngest self-made Indian entrepreneur under 40 with a net worth of Rs 7,500 crore.

Who is the 2 richest man in the world?

Bill GatesBill Gates keeps his spot as number two richest, followed by luxury goods tycoon Bernard Arnault, who nudged out Warren Buffett to move into the number three spot for the first time.

Who is the richest woman in India 2020?

The 5 richest women in India in 2020Savitri Jindal, O.P. Jindal Group. Rank: 19. Net worth: $6.6 billion. … Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon. Rank: 27. Net worth: $4.6 billion. … Vinod Rai Gupta, Havells India. Rank: 40. Net worth: $3.55 billion. … Leena Tewari, USV India. Rank: 47. … Mallika Srinivasan, Tractors & Farm Equipment. Rank: 58.

Who is Rich Man in India?

Mukesh AmbaniIndia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has earned Rs 90 crore every hour since the March lockdown, suggests the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2020.

Who is the youngest billionaire?

Kylie JennerFinalized on March 18, 2020, it ranks the world’s 2,095 billionaires by net worth. For the second year in a row, Kylie Jenner has the title of world’s youngest billionaire. Walmart heir Lukas Walton is the richest billionaire under age 35, with a net worth of $18.4 billion.

Which is richest city in India?

MumbaiList of Indian cities by GDP per capitaRankCityGDP (nominal)Per capita 20181Mumbai$ 4,6822Delhi$ 4,5823Kolkata$ 3,7187 more rows

Is India rich in gold?

India. India rarely invests much in gold, as the country operates under a belief that buying gold leads to a deficit. The country currently holds 557.7 tonnes of gold, making up 9.9 percent of the country’s total forex reserve.

Who is the richest persons in India?

Mukesh Ambani was named the richest person in India with a net worth of over 3.8 trillion Indian rupees. The Indian-born-British business magnate and philanthropist, S.P. Hinduja was named the richest non-resident Indian with a net worth of 1.5 billion rupees that year.

Who is a trillionaire?

A trillionaire is someone whose wealth is greater than one trillion dollars (or other currency). In numerals, it’s 1,000,000,000,000 and is also known as 10 to the 12th power.

Who is the poorest man in the world?

Jerome KervielThe world’s poorest man Jerome Kerviel has handed himself in to French authorities – CityAM : CityAM.

Who is the top 5 richest person in India?

Here are the Top 10 wealthiest billionaires of India; net worths are March 18, 2020:1) MUKESH AMBANI. NET WORTH: $36.8 BILLION. … 2) RADHAKISHAN DAMANI. NET WORTH: $13.8 BILLION. … 3) SHIV NADAR. NET WORTH: $11.9 BILLION. … 4) UDAY KOTAK. NET WORTH: $10.4 BILLION. … 5) GAUTAM ADANI. … 6) SUNIL MITTAL. … 7) CYRUS POONAWALLA. … 8) KUMAR BIRLA.More items…•

Who is the richest family in Bollywood?

The Ambani family in India has been called Asia’s richest family by Forbes.

Who is the richest lady?

New York (CNN Business) MacKenzie Scott — philanthropist, author and ex-wife of Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos — is now the wealthiest woman in the world. Scott’s net worth is now $68 billion, propelling her past L’Oréal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire index.

How many billionaires are there in India in 2020?

According to the Forbes list, there are 117 billionaires in India right now — who collectively have $300 billion….Forbes Rich List 2020.Global Rank119India Rank4NameRadhakishan Damani & familyNet Worth ($ Billion)$15.3 BAge6562 more columns•Sep 17, 2020

Who is the richest celebrity?

Summary#1) George Lucas net worth $6.5 billion.#2) Steven Spielberg net worth $3.7 billion.#3) Oprah Winfrey net worth $3.5 billion.#4) Kanye West net worth $3.2 billion.#5) Donald Trump net worth $3.1 billion.#6) Jami Gertz net worth $3 billion.#7) Michael Jordan net worth $2.2 billion.More items…•

Who is called a billionaire?

A billionaire is an extremely rich person who has money or property worth at least a thousand million pounds or dollars.

Who is the youngest billionaire in India?

Ritesh AgarwalRitesh Agarwal With a wealth of ₹4,500 crore, Agarwal is the youngest billionaire in the rich list.