Question: Where Do You Get The Cruise Bubble?

How many golden spatulas do you need to beat the game?

100 golden spatulasThere are 100 golden spatulas in total, and you’ll need to find them all to 100% complete the game..

How do you drain the lake golden spatula?

To drain the lake, you will need Patrick to complete it. There is a bus station in front of Mrs. Puff you can use to swap characters. When you have Patrick, proceed to the middle island across the bridge, and there will be three robots with large hammers waiting for you that you need to fight.

What is the cruise bubble in SpongeBob?

One of these is the Cruise Bubble, which is the final bubble move that players can unlock in the game. This cruise missile made of bubbles is a ranged explosive that can take out robots from a good distance. The resulting explosion of bubbles really cleans up the enemies in SpongeBob’s way.

How do you use the cruise bubble in SpongeBob SquarePants?

When you talk to Bubble Buddy, he’ll introduce you to the Cruise Bubble and tell you how to use it. You simply press the button he shows you (LT/L2) and you’ll take control of a Bubble Rocket. Aim the Bubble Rocket towards your goals and it will burst into a soapy explosion.

Where are all the steering wheels SpongeBob?

All Steering Wheels in Downtown Bikini BottomAreaLocationDescriptionDowntown Bikini Bottom-Next to Mrs. PuffDowntown Bikini Bottom-On the awning near Mrs. PuffDowntown Bikini Bottom-On the toppled building with the cannonDowntown Bikini Bottom-On the upended boat opposite the Sea Needle entrance8 more rows•Jun 22, 2020

How do you get the golden spatula on top of the chum bucket?

To the right of the doors into the Chum Bucket Lab you’ll see a square vent coming out of the wall. Stand on the nearby red table and jump on top of where it comes out of the wall, then wall jump up to get the Golden Spatula!

How do you fight robot Patrick?

Hit Patrick three times in the back and you’ll move on to round two as Sandy. For the first hit, you can hit Patrick the same way that Spongebob did; hit him in the back after he gets dizzy. This time, however, Patrick will then jump onto a pipe and fill the level with more of the acidic-/looking ice cream.

How do you beat the robot in Spongebob?

Simply jump two to the right or two to the left to avoid the words knocking you off. Everything else will be the same as it was before. Hit a few buttons, smash Plankton. Continue this way until you’ve hit all of Spongebob’s buttons and then you’ll head inside of the robot.