Question: Can Botox Make Your Face Droop?

Can Botox give you a droopy eye?

Botox can diffuse to other muscles and cause the eye lids to droop.

Also if the forehead is completely treated with Botox it can cause the eye brow to droop, and that could give the appearance of eye lid droop.

Either way this is not permanent and will disappear as the effect of Botox wanes..

How long after Botox does droopy eyelid occur?

about 1-3 weeksWhen patients get a droopy eyelid from botox, it usually begins about 1-3 weeks after the injection and lasts about 2-3 weeks on average.

Can Botox fix Bell’s palsy?

A: Botox is an effective, safe, and simple way to treat Bell’s palsy, partial facial nerve paralysis, and synkinesis. The protein is utilized to address asymmetric facial movement. It is designed to relax the muscles and prevent them from contracting.

Do you look worse after Botox wears off?

Once Botox® wears off, wrinkles begin to reappear and do not become worse after the treatment. However, since the patient has become used to smoother skin and a youthful appearance, it might come as a shock when the Botox® wears off. Botox® administrators should manage patient’s expectations in this regard.

What happens if you don’t keep up with Botox?

“Many people fear that their faces will become dramatically wrinkled when they stop Botox. If you choose not to continue… those muscles staying out of use while Botox is active can delay the aging process; it reduces movement when injected, slowing the formation of wrinkles,” Farber explains.

Does Botox make your face sag?

Scientists have known that Botox, which works by paralyzing muscles in the face, can cause faces to sag as well as muscles to weaken, but this is the first time research points to the stuff causing sagging in other parts of the body. So essentially, Botox might just end up making us look older.