Can You Lose Feeling In Your Nipples After Piercing?

What are the side effects of getting your nipples pierced?

Potential risks include infections (or even breast abscess formation), nerve damage, bleeding, hematoma (a blood-filled cyst), allergic reactions, nipple cysts, and keloid scarring (raised, red scarring).

Unfortunately, nipple piercing is also associated with hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, and even HIV..

How do I get feeling back in my nipples?

You may facilitate a sooner and more complete return of sensation by massaging your nipples and breast skin regularly. This involves light touch with your fingers for several minutes several times each day. Some women mistakenly believe that light touch from their significant other works just as well, but it does not.

How bad does it hurt to have your nipples pierced?

There’s no way around it — nipple piercings generally do hurt. … Not exactly shocking seeing as how you’re literally piercing a hole through a body part packed with nerve endings. That said, it doesn’t hurt a ton for everyone, and there are certain things that can make it hurt more or less.

Does it hurt to wear a bra after getting nipples pierced?

DON’T wear very tight bras, because they can cause the piercing to grow out, which means that the piece of flesh taken by the piercing gradually diminishes until the ring finally comes out; after the piercing is healed you may wear anything you like. … A bra worn at night can be more comfortable.

Is it normal for nipples to hurt after piercing?

Pain from a piercing is different for everyone. It tends to hurt more than an ear or nose piercing, where the tissue’s thicker and not as dense with nerves. Many people with nipple piercings say that it’s a sharp, intense pain at first because the tissue’s so thin and delicate. The pain will also quickly go away.

How long will my nipples be sore after piercing?

There will be some pain when you get your nipple pierced. It’ll typically be sore for a week after the piercing. You may also bleed, itch, or see swelling or discharge from the wound. Your nipple may feel sore or irritated as it heals over the next few months.

What happens to your nipples after piercing?

What should you expect for a few days after? Your nipples may bleed for the first week and you can expect them to be incredibly sore. You’ll quickly realize how often your nipple lightly brushes random things — because it’s going to hurt. It will get crusty and require daily cleaning.

Do fake breasts have feeling?

However, the silicone gel filling can be made to feel softer / more compressible / more squishy. These softer gel fills tend to balance out the “too firm” feel that many women worry about with breast augmentation. Thus silicone gel implants get a reputation for being softer and “more natural” feeling.

Do you still have feeling in your nipples after breast augmentation?

Sensitivity Changes Are Common, But They Usually Don’t Last Many women experience some change to their nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation. You may experience more sensitivity or less sensitivity, sometimes within the same day. These changes are very common and are due to swelling.

Do you lose feeling in your nipples if you pierce them?

Does it affect/improve sensitivity? Personal experience says no, but for many women, whose piercings have healed nicely, their nipple sensitivity increased dramatically. … Of course, you have to live with the fact that your nipples will be out of action while they heal.